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On this page, you'll find information and instructional videos regarding technology resources, device care, troubleshooting, virtual learning, and how to contact the IT Department.

General Tech Support

Technology Resources

Reset Your Password

Instructions: If a student's password has been forgotten and needs to be reset, they should contact their school's Media Center Specialist or a Password Reset Designee.

Staff & Contact Information

Tech Support
Inside Phone Extension: 2716
Outside Phone#  201-955-4170

Justin Avitable
Director of Technology

Angela Raia
Administrative Assistant

Tom Truskolawski
Network Engineer

Computer Technicians

Kurt Valenti
Senior Computer Technician

John O'Connor III
Senior Computer Technician

Bob Model
Webmaster /IT

Kevin Crawford
Jesse Ferguson 
Jim Munley

Data Management

Meghan Avitable
District Supervisor of Testing and Student Data Management

Mark Fasciana
Data Analytics Manager

Linda McGeehan
Genesis SIS Data Officer

Cheryl Schalago
 NJSMART Officer

Device Support

Chromebooks - General Information

What to do if your Chromebook is not charging?

1. Make sure your charger adaptor is not damaged. Check to see if there are any visible issues, such as having a bent connector (the metal part you plug into the Chromebook). If your charger is damaged, bring it in for a replacement. 

2. If your charger is not damaged, try the other charging port on your Chromebook. Depending on which model you have, there may be a charging port on each side. Use the other side that you usually do not use. 
3. Let device fully charge 
4. In the future, try not to let the battery fully deplete.
Green Screen on Chromebooks
It has been brought to our attention that some students' cameras are turning off or going green.
We believe certain downloads, apps, and extensions are causing this. Until we can pinpoint and blacklist these downloads, have your students do this to remedy the situation:
Open Chrome browser on the Chromebook.
Type chrome://flags in the address bar. Scroll down until you find "Hardware-accelerated video decode"
Select "Disabled" from the drop-down to the right of "Hardware-accelerated video decode.
We hope that this is helpful! See below for more information & tutorials.

Technology Repair Instructions
A technology device in need of repair is to be brought to the main entrance of the student's school.

  • A repair form will be completed when the technology device is dropped off.

  • The technology device  will be repaired at the child's school and when the repair is complete, the main office will call to notify them to come to pick it up.

  • The technology device can be dropped off at the child's school between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Video Tutorials: Distance Learning & Device Support

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