District resources

on purple background, white text reading: ARP ESSER: American Rescue Plan 2021 - Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Funding; An illustration of the capitol building to the right of the text


On gray background, White text reading Kearny School District. In colorful text reads "Preschool"; ABC blocks in the center of the image

Preschool Program

On blue background, white text reading School Reopening Plans; graphic of students with backpacks to the right of text

District Reopening Plan

image of a laptop on a table

IT & Device Support

Text reading: Coronavirus Safety, American Red Cross: Follow these easy steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19: Disinfect surfaces around your home and work; wash you hands for at least 20 seconds, Sneeze or Cough? Cover your mouth.

COVID-19 Safety

Virtual calming room webpage; has an image of a lake in a surrounding forest

Virtual Calming Room