• Hello! My name is Jeremy Gorin and I am the instrumental music director at Schuyler School. I am very excited to share some information with you about our instrumental program.  Performing in instrumental music provides students with much more than musical ability. Students learn cooperation, teamwork, commitment, responsibility, tolerance, perseverance and self-discipline. Being a part of an ensemble provides our students with a chance to build confidence and take pride in an accomplishment. Studying music also reinforces reading and math skills, enhances gross and fine motor skills, and is a vital part of cultural education the world over.  We greatly appreciate your dedication to the rehearsal schedule.  Instrumental music is a commitment, and participants are expected to follow through on their commitment.  Each person involved in our group is important; no matter the role. 

    At Schuyler School, we constantly strive to improve and enhance the level and depth of our performing arts program.  With that in mind, I am asking that interested students as well as parents and guardians demonstrate an understanding of a commitment to the band program by signing and returning the contract on the following page.  This tells me that you agree to let your student participate in band and that you know what is expected of them. 

    I want to thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in our program.  A successful group is always a team effort, and your dedication is both essential and greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to contact me with the information above if you have any additional questions.  Thanks again, and we are looking forward to a great year of performing!




    Jeremy Gorin




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