First Annual Showcase Revised 6.9.2021


About Kearny Dance

  • Kearny High School's Academy of Dance recently participated in a dance contest for the American Heart Association. The students learned choreography from celebrity choreographers from AHA via YouTube and then were asked to put their own spin on it. Alongside with dance instructor, Gabrielle Vella, the students came up with the concept of dancing through the school day. The students were then filmed in different areas of the school and performed a flash mob during the evacuation drill. Michael Garas, a senior at KHS, edited the video to send in for the contest. KHS was informed they won the American Heart Association Dance Contest! 
    Here is a list of all students that participated:
    Michael Garas, Nataly Abrantes, Angela Alves, Olga Alves, Audrey Cardona, Katherine Chalaco, Sharyn Gonzalez, Carina Lamego, Brenda Maldonado, Ines Moncacho Abreu, Rachel Montoro, Rozelynn Murillo, Agatha Nunes Correa, Gissel Oliveira, Tyler Rivera, Ana Rojo, Mya Torres, Natasha Torres, Noelia Almanzar, Angelica Anfibio, Gabriela Barona, Emily Cardoso, Victoria Cimirro, Keilany Espinal, Jamie Galvez, Kaelyn Gerena, Izabella Heller, Megan Hsieh, Jailene Huancaya, Delilah Lopez, Maria Pereira, Leslie Ortega, Kaylee Salazar, Caroline Sammarone, Tenzin Topten, Melanie Valerio 


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    Staff Directory  

    Gabrielle Vella - Dance Instructor