Required Documents

  • List of Required Documents


    Original birth certificate
    Parents Photo ID  
    Legal Guardianship from U.S. Court for person other than parents who have custody of the child (notarized letters are un-acceptable)

    Custody /Divorce papers ( if applicable) 

    List of required documents for proof of Residency

    • Homeowners: Must provide a copy/ picture  of a Tax Bill , or Deed,  or mortgage papers for your property please black out private account information
    • Renters: Must produce a current lease( with the landlord’s phone number) or if you do not have a lease you may have the landlord fill out and notarize a “Statement of the Landlord form is


    • Homeowners and Renters: Must also produce three (3) copies/ pictures of current mail, the address must be clear and a date must be clear  below are some examples  but not limited to) :

    - Current P.S.E & G
    - Current telephone /cell bill
    - Paycheck stub with current address
    - Official Mail ( government agency)
    - Current Bank statement  




Residency Staff